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Catalog #Name of cloneRunning titlePublication
RDB01222TOK H5 DR betaDRbeta5*0102 promoter+ coding region + SV40 polyA signal, Expression (cDNA)Fujisawa, K., High precursor frequency of human T cells reactive to HLA-DQ molecules expressed on mouse L cell transfectants. Eur. J. Immunol., 21, 2341-2347 (1991). PMID 1717282. (original).
RDB01223YT158Cosmid DRbeta4*0101 YT, DR53 HLA- DRbeta4, expression (genomic DNA)Kamikawaji, N., HLA-DQ-restricted CD4+ T cells specific to streptococcal antigen present in low but not in high responders. J. Immunol., 146, 2560- 2567 (1991). PMID 1673141. (original).
RDB01228pg DQ1BDQw6B, pg DQ6B, DQB1*0601, HLA- DQB1 (genomic DNA+cDNA).Nishimura, Y., Expression of the human MHC, HLA-DQW6 genes alters the immune response in C57BL/6 mice. J. Immunol., 145, 353-360 (1990). PMID 2358677. (original).
RDB01230pg DQ1BSDQw6beta short, Short cytoplasmic from DQB, DQB1*0601, HLA-DQB1 (genomic DNA+cDNA)Senju, S., Allele-specific expression of the cytoplasmic exon of HLA-DQB1 gene. Immunogenetics, 36, 319-325 (1992). PMID 1644449. (original).
RDB01232DRA2EHHuman HLA-DRA cDNA Unpublished bioresource
RDB01233DPA 02022DPA*02022 cDNA, HLA- DPA1, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01234DPB0202DPB1-0202 cDNA, HLA- DPB1, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01235K^b DRB1 0803DRB1*0803 cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01236K^b DRB1 1201DRB1*1201 cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01237K^b DRB1 1302DRB1*1302 cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01238DRB30301 EMJ-4DRB3*03:01 cDNA, HLA-DRB3, mouse H-2Kb promoter, expression, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01239DQA10501 AMALA-4DQA1*0501 cDNA, HLA- DQA1, expression, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01241DQA10102 KAS116 3-6DQA1*0102 cDNA, HLA- DQA1, expression, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01242DQB10503 EK2-4DQB1*0503 cDNA, HLA- DQB1, expression, cDNAUnpublished bioresource
RDB01243mNCADMouse NCAD (Partial), N-cadherin, genomic DNAUnpublished bioresource

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