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Gene Symbol Product Name LocusTag Synonyms
mac1 membrane anchored protein Mac1 SPAC13G7.04c -
mad1 mitotic spindle checkpoint protein Mad1 SPBC3D6.04c -
mad2 spindle checkpoint protein Mad2 SPBC20F10.06 -
mad3 mitotic spindle checkpoint protein Mad3 SPCC1795.01c -
mae1 malic acid transport protein Mae1 SPAPB8E5.03 -
mae2 malic enzyme, malate dehydrogenase (oxaloacetate decarboxylating), Mae2 SPCC794.12c -
maf1 repressor of RNA polymerase III Maf1 SPAC31G5.12c -
mag1 DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase Mag1 SPAPB24D3.04c -
mag2 DNA-3-methyladenine glycosidase Mag2 SPBC23G7.11 -
mak1 histidine kinase Mak1 SPAC1834.08 -
mak10 NatC N-acetyltransferase complex subunit Mak10 (predicted) SPBC1861.03 -
mak16 nuclear HMG-like acidic protein Mak16 (predicted) SPAC222.06 -
mak2 histidine kinase Mak2 SPAC27E2.09 -
mak3 histidine kinase Mak3 SPCC74.06 -
mal1 maltase alpha-glucosidase Mal1 SPBC1683.07 -
mal2 kinetochore protein mal2 SPAC25B8.14 -
mal3 EB1 family Mal3 SPAC18G6.15 -
mam1 M-factor transporter Mam1 SPBC25B2.02c -
mam2 pheromone p-factor receptor SPAC11H11.04 -
mam3 cell agglutination protein Mam3 SPAP11E10.02c -
mam4 protein-S isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferase Mam4 SPAC10F6.12c -
man1 LEM domain protein Man1, Sad1 interacting factor (predicted) SPAC14C4.05c -
map1 MADS-box transcription factor Map1 SPAC11E3.06 -
map2 P-factor pheromone Map2 SPCC1795.06 -
map3 pheromone M-factor receptor Map3 SPAC3F10.10c -
map4 cell surface agglutination protein Map4 SPBC21D10.06c -
mas2 mitochondrial processing peptidase(MPP) complex alpha subunit Mas2 (predicted) SPBC18E5.12c -
mas5 DNAJ domain protein Mas5 (predicted) SPBC1734.11 -
mat1-m mating-type m-specific polypeptide mi 1 SPBC1711.01c -
matmc_1 mating-type m-specific polypeptide mc 1 SPBC1711.02 -
mbx1 MADS-box transcription factor Mbx1 SPBC19G7.06 -
mbx2 MADS-box transcription factor Pvg4 (predicted) SPBC317.01 -
mcb1 mini-chromosome maintenance complex-binding protein mcb1 SPAC1687.04 -
mcl1 DNA polymerase alpha accessory factor Mcl1 SPAPB1E7.02c -
mcm2 MCM complex subunit Mcm2 SPBC4.04c -
mcm3 MCM complex subunit Mcm3 SPCC1682.02c -
mcm4 MCM complex subunit Mcm4/Cdc21 SPCC16A11.17 -
mcm5 MCM complex subunit Mcm5 SPAC1B2.05 -
mcm6 MCM complex subunit Mcm6 SPBC211.04c -
mcm7 MCM complex subunit Mcm7 SPBC25D12.03c -
mcp1 sequence orphan SPAC1687.10 -
mcp3 sequence orphan SPAC1006.04c -
mcp4 prospore membrane protein Mcp4/Mug101 SPBC16E9.08 -
mcp5 cortical anchoring factor for dynein Mcp5/Num1 SPBC216.02 -
mcp6 horsetail movement protein Hrs1/Mcp6 SPBC582.06c -
mcp60 mitochondrial heat shock protein Hsp60/Mcp60 SPAC12G12.04 -
mcp7 meiosis specific coiled-coil protein Mcp7 SPAC13A11.03 -
mcs2 TFIIH complex cyclin Mcs2 SPBP16F5.02 -
mcs4 response regulator Mcs4 SPBC887.10 -
mcs6 cyclin-dependent protein kinase/CDK-activating kinase Mcs6 SPBC19F8.07 -
mdb1 BRCT domain protein SPACUNK4.14 -
mde1 sequence orphan SPAC16E8.05c -
mde10 spore wall assembly ADAM family peptidase Mde10 SPAC17A5.04c -
mde2 Mde2 protein SPBC31F10.08 -
mde3 serine/threonine protein kinase, meiotic Mde3 SPBC8D2.19 -
mde4 monopolin-like complex subunit Mde4 SPBC6B1.04 -
mde5 alpha-amylase homolog Mde5 SPAC25H1.09 -
mde6 muskelin SPAC15A10.10 -
mde7 RNA-binding protein Mde7 SPCC320.07c -
mdj1 mitochondrial DNAJ domain protein Mdj1 (predicted) SPCC4G3.14 -
mdl1 mitochondrial peptide-transporting ATPase SPBC9B6.09c -
mdm10 Mdm10/Mdm12/Mmm1 complex subunit Mdm10 (predicted) SPAC17H9.17c -
mdm12 Mdm10/Mdm12/Mmm1 complex subunit Mdm12 SPBC28F2.06c -
mdm28 mitochondrial inner membrane protein involved in potassium ion transport Mdm28 (predicted) SPAC23C11.17 -
mdm31 mitochondrial inner membrane protein Mdm31 (predicted) SPAC3H1.04c -
mdm34 mitochondrial outer membrane protein Mdm34 (predicted) SPBC19C2.11c -
med11 mediator complex subunit Med11 (predicted) SPAC644.10 -
med13 mediator complex subunit Srb9 SPAC589.02c -
med15 mediator complex subunit Med15 SPBC146.01 -
med20 mediator complex subunit Med20 SPAC17G8.05 -
med31 mediator complex subunit Med31 SPCP31B10.03c -
med7 mediator complex subunit Med7 SPBC14F5.08 -
med8 mediator complex subunit Med8 SPBC21.04 -
mei2 RNA-binding protein involved in meiosis Mei2 SPAC27D7.03c -
mei3 meiosis inducing protein Mei3 SPBC119.04 -
mei4 meiotic forkhead transcription factor Mei4 SPBC32H8.11 -
mek1 meiosis-specific serine/threonine protein kinase SPAC14C4.03 -
mel1 alpha-galactosidase, melibiase SPAC869.07c -
mep33 mRNA export protein Mep33 SPBC28F2.02 -
mes1 meiosis II protein Mes1 SPAC5D6.08c -
met11 methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase Met11 SPAC343.10 -
met14 adenylyl-sulfate kinase (predicted) SPAC1782.11 -
met16 phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase SPAC13G7.06 -
met26 homocysteine methyltransferase Met26 SPAC9.09 -
met6 homoserine O-acetyltransferase Met6 SPBC56F2.11 -
met9 methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase Met9 SPAC56F8.10 -
meu10 GPI anchored cell surface protein involved in ascospore wall assembly Meu10 SPCC1223.12c -
meu1-1 sequence orphan SPAC1556.06 SPAC1556.06.1|SPAC1556.06.2|meu1-2
meu13 homologous-pairing protein 2 SPAC222.15 -
meu14 sporulation protein Meu14 SPBC1347.03 -
meu15 sequence orphan SPCPJ732.03 -
meu17 glucan-alpha-1,4-glucosidase SPBC14C8.05c -
meu18 sequence orphan SPBC409.11 -
meu22 amino-acid permease SPBC19F8.06c -
meu23 cell surface glycoprotein (predicted), DUF1773 family protein 2 SPCC613.11c -
meu25 sequence orphan Meu25 SPBC27.03 -
meu26 conserved fungal protein SPAC6B12.16 -
meu27 hypothetical protein SPCC1259.14c -
meu29 sequence orphan SPAC25H1.05 -
meu31 sequence orphan Meu31 SPAC1A6.06c -
meu32 sequence orphan Meu32 SPAP27G11.08c -
meu34 ubiquitin-protein ligase E3 Meu34 (predicted) SPAC3A12.03c -
meu6 meiotic chromosome segregation protein Meu6 SPBC428.07 -
meu7 alpha-amylase 4 SPBC16A3.13 -
meu8 aldehyde dehydrogenase Meu8 (predicted) SPCC550.10 -
mex67 mRNA export receptor, Tap, nucleoporin Mex67 SPBC1921.03c -
mfc1 membrane transporter (predicted) SPAPB1A11.01 -
mfm2 M-factor precursor Mfm2 SPAC513.03 -
mfr1 fizzy-related protein Mfr1 SPBC1198.12 -
mfs2 MFS family membrane transporter (predicted) SPAC11D3.05 -
mft1 THO complex subunit 7 Mft1 (predicted) SPCC24B10.11c -
mge1 mitochondrial GrpE domain chaperone protein (predicted) SPBC3B9.19 -
mgm101 mitochondrial DNA repair protein (predicted) SPBC30D10.08 -
mgr2 mitochondrial membrane protein Mgr2 (predicted) SPBC27.06c -
mhf1 hypothetical protein SPBC2D10.16 -
mhf2 FANCM-MHF complex subunit Mhf2 SPCC576.12c -
mid1 medial ring protein Mid1 SPCC4B3.15 -
mid2 septin ring organizing protein SPAPYUG7.03c -
mik1 mitotic inhibitor kinase Mik1 SPBC660.14 -
mim1 mitochondrial TOM complex assembly protein Mim1 (predicted) SPBC713.08 -
mip1 WD repeat-containing protein SPAC57A7.11 -
mis12 kinetochore protein Mis12 SPBC409.04c -
mis13 kinetochore protein Mis13 SPBC409.09c -
mis14 kinetochore protein Mis14 SPAC688.02c -
mis15 kinetochore protein Mis15 SPBP22H7.09c -
mis16 kinetochore protein Mis16 SPCC1672.10 -
mis17 kinetochore protein Mis17 SPBC21.01 -
mis18 kinetochore protein Mis18 SPCC970.12 -
mis3 rRNA processing protein Mis3 SPBC25B2.05 -
mis4 adherin, cohesin loading factor Mis4 SPAC31A2.05c -
mis6 centromere connector protein mis6 SPAC1687.20c -
mit1 SHREC complex subunit Mit1 SPBP35G2.10 -
mkh1 MEK kinase (MEKK) Mkh1 SPAC1F3.02c -
mlh1 MutL family protein Mlh1 (predicted) SPBC1703.04 -
mlo2 ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component mlo2 SPBC4.05 -
mlo3 RNA binding protein Mlo3 SPBC1D7.04 -
mmd1 deoxyhypusine hydroxylase (predicted) SPAC30C2.02 -
mmf1 YjgF family protein Mmf1 SPBC2G2.04c -
mmf2 homologous Pmf1 factor 1, implicated in isoleucine biosynthesis (predicted) SPAC1039.10 -
mmi1 YTH family RNA binding protein Mmi1 SPCC736.12c -
mmm1 Mdm10/Mdm12/Mmm1 complex subunit Mmm1 (predicted) SPBC27B12.01c -
mms1 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex subunit Mms1 (predicted) SPAC3H8.05c -
mms19 TFIIH regulator Mms19 SPAC1071.02 -
mms2 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Mms2 SPCC338.05c -
mnh1 protein mago nashi SPBC3B9.08c -
mni1 hypothetical protein SPBC19C7.01 -
mnl1 alpha mannosidase Mnl1 (predicted) SPAC23A1.04c -
mnn9 mannosyltransferase complex subunit, Anp family Mnn9 (predicted) SPAC4F10.10c -
mns1 mannosyl-oligosaccharide 1,2-alpha-mannosidase SPAC2E1P5.01c -
moa1 meiotic cohesin complex associated protein Moa1 SPAC15E1.07c -
mob1 Sid2-Mob1 kinase complex regulatory subunit Mob1 SPBC428.13c -
mob2 protein kinase activator Mob2 SPCC970.04c -
moc3 transcription factor Moc3 SPAC821.07c -
mod21 gamma tubulin complex subunit Mod21 SPAC806.08c -
mod5 Tea1 anchoring protein Mod5 SPBC530.04 -
moe1 translation initiation factor eIF3d Moe1 SPAC637.07 -
mog1 Ran GTPase binding protein Mog1 SPCC1840.01c -
mok11 alpha-1,3-glucan synthase Mok11 SPAC1527.01 -
mok12 alpha-1,3-glucan synthase Mok12 SPBC32H8.13c -
mok13 alpha-1,3-glucan synthase Mok13 SPBC16D10.05 -
mok14 alpha-1,4-glucan synthase Mok14 SPCC63.04 -
mor2 morphogenesis protein Mor2 SPBP19A11.04c -
mot1 TATA-binding protein associated factor Mot1 (predicted) SPBC1826.01c -
mot2 CCR4-Not complex subunit Mot2 (predicted) SPAC16C9.04c -
mpd2 GYF domain protein SPAC4F10.13c -
mpf1 meiotic PUF family protein 1 (predicted) SPAC4G9.05 -
mpg1 mannose-1-phosphate guanyltransferase Mpg1 SPCC1906.01 -
mph1 dual specificity protein kinase Mph1 SPBC106.01 -
mpr1 histidine-containing response regulator phosphotransferase Mpr1 SPBC725.02 -
mra1 ribosome biogenesis protein Mra1 SPAC18G6.07c -
mrc1 mediator of replication checkpoint 1 SPAC694.06c -
mrm2 mitochondrial 2' O-ribose methyltransferase Mrm2 (predicted) SPBC2G2.15c -
mrp10 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit Mrp10 (predicted) SPAC24C9.13c -
mrp17 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit Mrp17 (predicted) SPAC343.08c -
mrp2 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S14 (predicted) SPAC23H3.07c -
mrp20 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L23 (predicted) SPAC31A2.08 -
mrp21 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit Mrp21 (predicted) SPBC839.09c -
mrp4 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S2 (predicted) SPAC24C9.10c -
mrp51 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L51-b (predicted) SPAC23A1.18c -
mrp7 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L27 (predicted) SPAP19A11.05c -
mrpl10 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L15 (predicted) SPBC9B6.06 -
mrpl11 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L11 (predicted) SPAC31A2.03 -
mrpl16 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L16 (predicted) SPBC1105.03c -
mrpl17 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L17 (predicted) SPCC126.05c -
mrpl19 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L19 (predicted) SPAC1486.07c -
mrpl22 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L22 (predicted) SPCC1739.02c -
mrpl23 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L13 (predicted) SPBC16G5.04 -
mrpl24 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L28 (predicted) SPBC14C8.10 -
mrpl25 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L25 (predicted) SPAC1952.14c -
mrpl28 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L28 (predicted) SPAC4F8.05c -
mrpl3 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L3 (predicted) SPBC3B9.14c -
mrpl31 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L31 (predicted) SPCC16A11.11 -
mrpl32 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L32 (predicted) SPBC1604.13c -
mrpl33 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit YmL33 (predicted) SPCC1919.08c -
mrpl37 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L37 (predicted) SPCC645.09 -
mrpl38 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L38 (predicted) SPBC887.07 -
mrpl39 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L39 (predicted) SPBC4F6.08c -
mrpl4 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L4 (predicted) SPCC4G3.06c -
mrpl40 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L40 (predicted) SPAC4F8.02c -
mrpl44 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit l44 (predicted) SPBC56F2.14 -
mrpl51 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L51 (predicted) SPBC19C2.12 -
mrpl6 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L16 (predicted) SPAC12G12.08 -
mrpl7 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L7 (predicted) SPBC2F12.02c -
mrpl8 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L8 (predicted) SPBC1271.13 -
mrpl9 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L9 (predicted) SPAC644.17c -
mrps16 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S16 (predicted) SPBC354.06 -
mrps17 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S17 (predicted) SPBC409.14c -
mrps18 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S18 (predicted) SPAC1B3.18c -
mrps28 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S28 (predicted) SPBC11B10.04c -
mrps5 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S5 (predicted) SPAC4G9.17c -
mrps8 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S8 (predicted) SPCC736.10c -
mrs1 mitochondrial and cytoplasmic arginine-tRNA ligase Rrs1/Mrs1 (predicted) SPBC25B2.09c -
mrs2 magnesium ion transporter Mrs2 (predicted) SPBC25H2.08c -
mrt4 mRNA turnover and ribosome assembly protein Mrt4 (predicted) SPBC11G11.03 -
msa1 RNA-binding protein Msa1 SPAC13G7.13c -
msc1 multi-copy suppressor of Chk1 SPAC343.11c -
msd1 mitotic-spindle disanchored Msd1 SPBC13E7.06 -
mse1 mitochondrial glutamyl-tRNA synthetase Mse1 (predicted) SPAPB1A10.11c -
msh1 mismatch repair ATPase msh1 SPAC13F5.01c -
msh2 MutS protein homolog 2 SPBC19G7.01c -
msh3 DNA mismatch repair protein SPAC8F11.03 -
msh6 DNA mismatch repair protein SPCC285.16c -
msl1 U2 snRNP-associated protein Msl1 (predicted) SPBC8D2.09c -
msp1 mitochondrial dynamin family GTPase Msp1 SPBC1718.06 -
mss1 mitochondrial GTPase (predicted) SPAC222.05c -
mss51 mitochondrial splicing suppressor Mss51 (predicted) SPAC25B8.04c -
mst1 KAT5 family histone acetyltransferase Mst1 SPAC637.12c -
mst2 histone acetyltransferase Mst2 SPAC17G8.13c -
msw1 mitochondrial tryptophan-tRNA ligase Msw1 (predicted) SPAC3G9.13c -
mtf1 mitochondrial RNA polymerase specificity factor Mtf1 SPAC1002.08c -
mtg1 mitochondrial GTPase involved in translation Mtg1 (predicted) SPBC25B2.04c -
mto1 MT organizer Mto1 SPCC417.07c -
mto2 MT organizer Mto2 SPBC902.06 -
mtr10 karyopherin, nuclear import receptor Mtr10 (predicted) SPBC11G11.07 -
mtr4 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, TRAMP complex subunit Mtr4 SPAC6F12.16c -
mts4 19S proteasome regulatory subunit Mts4 SPBP19A11.03c -
mud1 UBA domain protein Mud1 SPAC56F8.08 -
mug1 dynactin complex subunit, dynamitin (predicted) SPCC11E10.03 -
mug10 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (predicted) SPAC57A10.04 -
mug100 sequence orphan SPBC16E9.07 -
mug103 sequence orphan SPAC22A12.02c -
mug105 ubiquitin-fold modifier-specific protease (predicted) SPAC25H1.04 -
mug106 sequence orphan SPAC26F1.05 -
mug108 sequence orphan SPAC29A4.12c -
mug109 Rab GTPase binding protein upregulated in meiosis II (predicted) SPAC2E1P5.02c -
mug110 sequence orphan SPBC2G2.10c -
mug111 sequence orphan SPCC31H12.06 -
mug112 hypothetical protein SPCC338.02 -
mug113 T5orf172 family protein SPAC3F10.05c -
mug114 sequence orphan SPAC4F8.08 -
mug115 sequence orphan SPAC56F8.14c -
mug116 sequence orphan SPAC5D6.10c -
mug117 protein mug117 SPCC645.11c -
mug121 sequence orphan SPAC13C5.06c -
mug122 PX/PXA domain protein SPCC1682.15 -
mug123 protein mug123 SPCC16C4.17 -
mug124 sequence orphan SPBC19C2.06c -
mug125 sequence orphan SPAC1A6.08c -
mug126 sequence orphan SPAC4F10.08 -
mug128 sequence orphan SPCC830.04c -
mug129 sequence orphan SPAC8C9.09c -
mug130 sequence orphan SPAC8F11.05c -
mug131 hypothetical protein SPBC1861.06c -
mug132 hypothetical protein SPAC11G7.06c -
mug133 hypothetical protein SPAC4G9.07 -
mug134 mRNA stability protein Igo1 (predicted) SPAC10F6.16 -
mug135 cell surface glycoprotein (predicted), DUF1773 family protein 3 SPCC330.04c -
mug136 acetylglucosaminyltransferase (predicted) SPBC4C3.08 -
mug137 BAR adaptor protein SPCC1919.11 -
mug138 metallopeptidase (predicted) SPACUNK4.12c -
mug14 adducin SPBC359.06 -
mug143 sequence orphan SPAC167.06c -
mug146 protein mug46 SPCC1235.12c -
mug147 sequence orphan SPBC56F2.06 -
mug15 sequence orphan SPAC57A10.06 -
mug150 sequence orphan SPCC1322.07c -
mug151 hypothetical protein SPAC3H1.03 -
mug152 Myb family telomere binding protein (predicted) SPAC13G7.10 -
mug153 sequence orphan SPACUNK4.19 -
mug154 conserved fungal protein SPCC4G3.11 -
mug155 hypothetical protein SPAC27E2.04c -
mug157 conserved protein Mug157 SPAC12B10.16c -
mug158 sulfatase modifying factor 1-like protein SPBC1604.01 -
mug16 UNC-50 family protein SPBC25H2.14 -
mug160 hypothetical protein SPCC584.14 -
mug161 CwfJ family protein, splicing factor (predicted) SPAC1F3.09 -
mug162 sequence orphan SPAC11H11.02c -
mug163 sequence orphan SPCC1620.03 -
mug164 microtubule-associated protein Mug164 SPBC25B2.07c -
mug165 sequence orphan SPAC5D6.02c -
mug166 sequence orphan SPBC651.06 -
mug168 sequence orphan SPBC660.09 -
mug170 arrestin SPCP1E11.03 -
mug174 meiotically upregulated gene Mug174 SPCC1682.03c -
mug176 BRCT domain protein SPBC3H7.14 -
mug177 sequence orphan SPAC630.15 -
mug178 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L51-b (predicted) SPBC2G2.07c -
mug179 WD repeat protein involved in autophagy Atg18b SPAC823.16c -
mug180 esterase/lipase (predicted) SPBPB2B2.02 -
mug182 YjeF family pyridoxamine-phosphate oxidase (predicted) SPAC15A10.05c -
mug183 histone chaperone Rtt106-like (predicted) SPAC6G9.03c -
mug184 protein mug184 SPBC1773.09c -
mug185 Co-chaperone for ATPase activity (predicted) SPAC6B12.08 -
mug186 sorting nexin Snx41 (predicted) SPBC14F5.11c -
mug190 C2 domain protein SPCP31B10.06 -
mug191 alpha-1,6-mannanase (predicted) SPAC3C7.05c -
mug2 cell surface glycoprotein (predicted), DUF1773 family protein 1 SPBC106.08c -
mug20 sequence orphan SPBC36B7.06c -
mug24 RNA-binding protein, rrm type SPCC74.09 -
mug27 meiosis specific protein kinase Mug27/Slk1 SPCC417.06c -
mug28 RNA-binding protein Mug28 SPAC343.07 -
mug30 ubiquitin-protein ligase E3 (predicted) SPBP8B7.27 -
mug33 conserved fungal protein SPCC1739.10 -
mug35 sequence orphan SPAC22H12.01c -
mug37 sequence orphan SPBC31F10.05 -
mug4 sequence orphan SPCC1393.07c -
mug42 sequence orphan SPCC584.12 -
mug45 sequence orphan SPBP8B7.04 -
mug5 protein mug5 SPAC14C4.08 -
mug51 variant protein kinase 19 family protein SPAC1834.09 -
mug55 Cdc20/Fizzy subfamily WD repeat protein SPCC1620.04c -
mug56 spore wall assembly protein (predicted) SPAC26H5.11 -
mug57 protein mug57 SPBC146.10 -
mug58 glycerate kinase (predicted) SPAC630.09c -
mug62 AMP binding enzyme (predicted) SPAC22F3.04 -
mug63 TLDc domain protein 1 SPAC8C9.16c -
mug64 BAR domain protein (predicted) SPAC56F8.05c -
mug65 spore wall assembly protein (predicted) SPAC1296.04 -
mug66 protein mug66 SPAC25H1.03 -
mug67 PPPDE peptidase family (predicted) SPAPYUG7.06 -
mug68 sequence orphan SPAC6C3.07 -
mug69 ENV10 family protein (predicted) SPAC56E4.05 -
mug70 conserved protein Mug20 SPAC24C9.05c -
mug71 endoribonuclease (predicted) SPBC577.12 -
mug72 oxidoreductase (predicted) SPCC1902.02 -
mug73 membrane transporter (predicted) SPCC31H12.02c -
mug74 sequence orphan SPAC16A10.08c -
mug8 conserved fungal protein SPAC32A11.01 -
mug80 cyclin Clg1 (predicted) SPBC1D7.03 -
mug81 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Slh1 (predicted) SPBC13G1.10c -
mug82 mitochondrial translation release factor (predicted) SPAC589.11 -
mug84 pig-P subunit (predicted) SPAC22A12.13 -
mug86 acetate transmembrane transporter (predicted) SPAC5D6.09c -
mug89 CDC50 domain protein, implicated in signal transduction (predicted) SPBC1773.11c -
mug9 conserved fungal protein SPCC70.09c -
mug93 TPR repeat protein, meiotically spliced SPBC32H8.06 -
mug94 sequence orphan SPAC10F6.07c -
mug95 sequence orphan SPAC1250.02 -
mug96 sequence orphan SPBC1271.06c -
mug97 protein mug97 SPBC146.11c -
mug98 sequence orphan SPBC15D4.12c -
mug99 protein mug99 SPAC1610.04 -
mus7 DNA repair protein Mus7/Mms22 SPAC6B12.02c -
mus81 Holliday junction resolvase subunit Mus81 SPCC4G3.05c -
mvd1 diphosphomevalonate decarboxylase (predicted) SPAC24C9.03 -
mvp1 sorting nexin Mvp1 (predicted) SPAC3A11.06 -
myh1 adenine DNA glycosylase Myh1 SPAC26A3.02 -
myo1 myosin type I SPBC146.13c -
myo2 myosin II heavy chain SPCC645.05c -
myo51 myosin type V SPBC2D10.14c -
myo52 myosin type V SPCC1919.10c -
myp2 myosin II heavy chain Myo3 SPAC4A8.05c -



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