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Gene Symbol Product Name LocusTag Synonyms
caf1 CCR4-Not complex CAF1 family ribonuclease subunit Caf1 SPCC18.06c -
caf16 CCR4-Not complex subunit Caf16 (predicted) SPAC20G4.01 -
caf4 CCR4-Not complex subunit Caf4/Mdv1 (predicted) SPAC664.15 -
caf5 spermine family transmembrane transporter Caf5 SPBC609.04 -
cam1 calmodulin Cam1 SPAC3A12.14 -
cam2 myosin I light chain Cam2 SPAC29A4.05 -
can1 arginine transporter Can1 SPBC18H10.16 -
cao1 copper amine oxidase Cao1 SPAC2E1P3.04 -
cao2 copper amine oxidase-like protein Cao2 SPBC1289.16c -
cap1 adenylyl cyclase-associated protein Cap1 SPCC306.09c -
car1 arginase Car1 SPBP26C9.02c -
car2 ornithine transaminase Car2 SPBC21C3.08c -
cat1 cationic amino acid transporter Cat1 SPAC869.11 -
cbf11 CBF1/Su(H)/LAG-1 family transcription factor Cbf11 SPCC736.08 -
cbf12 CBF1/Su(H)/LAG-1 family transcription factor Cbf12 SPCC1223.13 -
cbf5 pseudouridylate synthase Cbf5 (predicted) SPAC29A4.04c -
cbh1 CENP-B protein 1 SPAC9E9.10c -
cbh2 CENP-B protein 2 SPBC14F5.12c -
cbp1 ARS-binding protein 1 SPBC1105.04c -
cbp3 ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase assembly protein Cbp3 (predicted) SPCC4B3.17 -
cbp6 mitochondrial respiratory chain complex assembly protein Cbp6 (predicted) SPBC947.14c -
cbs2 protein kinase activator (predicted) SPAC1556.08c -
ccc2 copper transporting ATPase Ccc2 (predicted) SPBC29A3.01 -
cce1 mitochondrial cruciform cutting endonuclease Cce1 SPAC25G10.02 -
cch1 calcium channel Cch1 SPAC6F6.01 -
ccq1 telomere maintenance protein Ccq1 SPCC188.07 -
ccr1 NADPH-cytochrome p450 reductase SPBC29A10.01 -
ccr4 CCR4-Not complex subunit Ccr4 (predicted) SPCC31H12.08c -
ccs1 superoxide dismutase copper chaperone Ccs1 SPAC22E12.04 -
cct1 chaperonin-containing T-complex alpha subunit Cct1 SPBC12D12.03 -
cct2 chaperonin-containing T-complex beta subunit Cct2 SPAC1D4.04 -
cct3 chaperonin-containing T-complex gamma subunit Cct3 SPBC1A4.08c -
cct4 chaperonin-containing T-complex delta subunit Cct4 SPBC106.06 -
cct5 chaperonin-containing T-complex epsilon subunit Cct5 SPAC1420.02c -
cct6 chaperonin-containing T-complex zeta subunit Cct6 SPBC646.11 -
cct7 chaperonin-containing T-complex eta subunit Cct7 SPBC25H2.12c -
cct8 chaperonin-containing T-complex theta subunit Cct8 SPBC337.05c -
cda1 chitin deacetylase Cda1 SPAC19G12.03 -
cdb4 curved DNA-binding protein Cdb4, peptidase family SPAC23H4.09 -
cdc1 DNA polymerase delta small subunit Cdc1 SPAC27E2.05 -
cdc10 MBF transcription factor complex subunit Cdc10 SPBC336.12c -
cdc11 SIN component scaffold protein cdc11 SPCC1739.11c -
cdc12 formin Cdc12 SPAC1F5.04c -
cdc13 G2/M B-type cyclin Cdc13 SPBC582.03 -
cdc14 SIN component Cdc14 SPBC24C6.07 -
cdc15 extended Fer/CIP4 (EFC) domain protein Cdc15 SPAC20G8.05c -
cdc16 two-component GAP Cdc16 SPAC6F6.08c -
cdc17 ATP-dependent DNA ligase Cdc17 SPAC20G8.01 -
cdc18 MCM loader SPBC14C8.07c -
cdc2 cyclin-dependent protein kinase Cdk1/Cdc2 SPBC11B10.09 -
cdc20 DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit Pol2 SPBC25H2.13c -
cdc22 ribonucleoside reductase large subunit Cdc22 SPAC1F7.05 -
cdc23 MCM-associated protein Mcm10 SPBC1347.10 -
cdc24 DNA replication protein Cdc24 SPAC8F11.07c -
cdc25 M phase inducer phosphatase Cdc25 SPAC24H6.05 -
cdc27 DNA polymerase delta subunit Cdc27 SPBC1734.02c -
cdc28 ATP-dependent RNA helicase Cdc28 SPBC19C2.01 -
cdc3 profilin SPAC4A8.15c -
cdc31 centrin SPCC1682.04 -
cdc37 Hsp90 co-chaperone Cdc37 SPBC9B6.10 -
cdc4 myosin II light chain SPAP8A3.08 -
cdc42 Rho family GTPase Cdc42 SPAC110.03 -
cdc45 DNA replication pre-initiation complex subunit Cdc45 SPAC17D4.02 -
cdc48 AAA family ATPase Cdc48 SPAC1565.08 -
cdc5 cell division control protein, splicing factor Cdc5 SPAC644.12 -
cdc6 DNA polymerase delta catalytic subunit Cdc6 SPBC336.04 -
cdc7 serine/threonine protein kinase Cdc7 SPBC21.06c -
cdc8 tropomyosin SPAC27F1.02c -
cdd1 cytidine deaminase Ccd1 (predicted) SPAC1556.04c -
cdk9 P-TEFb-associated cyclin-dependent protein kinase Cdk9 SPBC32H8.10 -
cdm1 DNA polymerase delta subunit Cdm1 SPBC12D12.02c -
cdr1 NIM1 family serine/threonine protein kinase Cdr1/Nim1 SPAC644.06c -
cdr2 serine/threonine protein kinase Cdr2 SPAC57A10.02 -
cds1 replication checkpoint kinase cds1 SPCC18B5.11c -
cdt1 replication licensing factor Cdt1 SPBC428.18 -
cdt2 WD repeat protein Cdt2 SPAC17H9.19c -
ceg1 mRNA guanylyltransferase Ceg1 SPBC2F12.08c -
cek1 serine/threonine protein kinase Cek1 SPCC1450.11c -
cfr1 Chs five related protein Cfr1 SPAC6G9.12 -
cft1 cleavage factor one Cft1 (predicted) SPBC1709.08 -
cft2 cleavage factor two Cft2/polyadenylation factor CPSF-73 (predicted) SPBC1709.15c -
cgi121 EKC/KEOPS complex subunit Cgi121 (predicted) SPCC24B10.12 -
cgr1 ribosome biogenesis CGR1 family (predicted) SPAC1556.05c -
cgs1 cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit Cgs1 SPAC8C9.03 -
cgs2 cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase Cgs2 SPCC285.09c -
cha4 transcription factor Cha4 (predicted) SPBC1683.13c -
chc1 clathrin heavy chain Chc1 (predicted) SPAC26A3.05 -
chk1 Chk1 protein kinase SPCC1259.13 -
chl1 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Chl1 (predicted) SPAC3G6.11 -
cho1 phosphatidyl-N-methylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (predicted) SPBC337.16 -
cho2 phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase Cho2 SPBC26H8.03 -
chp1 chromodomain protein Chp1 SPAC18G6.02c -
chp2 chromodomain protein 2 SPBC16C6.10 -
chr1 chitin synthase regulatory factor Chr1 (predicted) SPBC3E7.12c -
chr2 chitin synthase regulatory factor Chr2 (predicted) SPCC417.05c -
chr3 chitin synthase regulatory factor-like Chr3 (predicted) SPAC24B11.10c -
chr4 1,3-beta-glucan synthase regulatory factor Chf3/Chr4 SPBC1289.01c -
chs1 chitin synthase I SPAC13G6.12c -
chs2 chitin synthase-like protein 2 SPBC1709.01 -
chz1 histone chaperone Chz1 (predicted) SPAC4G9.06c -
cia1 histone chaperone Cia1 SPCC663.05c -
cid1 poly(A) polymerase Cid1 SPAC19D5.03 -
cid11 poly(A) polymerase Cid11 (predicted) SPBC1685.06 -
cid12 poly(A) polymerase Cid12 SPCC663.12 -
cid13 poly(A) polymerase Cid13 SPAC821.04c -
cid14 poly(A) polymerase Cid14 SPAC12G12.13c -
cid16 poly(A) polymerase Cid16 (predicted) SPAC17H9.01 -
cid2 caffeine induced death protein Cid2 SPCC338.04 -
cif1 calnexin independence factor Cif1 SPCC364.01 -
cig1 cyclin Cig1 SPCC4E9.02 -
cig2 G1/S-specific B-type cyclin Cig2 SPAPB2B4.03 -
cip1 RNA-binding protein Cip1 SPBC16A3.18 -
cip2 RNA-binding protein Cip2 SPAC12G12.03 -
cis4 cation diffusion family zinc membrane transporter Cis4 SPAC17D4.03c -
cit1 citrate synthase Cit1 SPAC6C3.04 -
cka1 serine/threonine protein kinase Cka1 SPAC23C11.11 -
ckb1 CK2 family regulatory subunit Ckb1 SPAC1851.03 -
cki1 serine/threonine protein kinase Cki1 SPBC1347.06c -
cki2 serine/threonine protein kinase Cki2 SPBP35G2.05c -
cki3 serine/threonine protein kinase Cki3 SPAC1805.05 -
ckn1 hypothetical protein SPBC577.09 -
clc1 clathrin light chain SPBC9B6.08 -
clp1 Cdc14-related protein phosphatase Clp1/Flp1 SPAC1782.09c -
clr1 cryptic loci regulator Clr1 SPBC2D10.17 -
clr2 chromatin silencing protein Clr2 SPAC1B3.17 -
clr3 histone deacetylase (class II) Clr3 SPBC800.03 -
clr4 histone H3 methyltransferase Clr4 SPBC428.08c -
clr6 histone deacetylase (class I) Clr6 SPBC36.05c -
cmb1 cytosine-mismatch binding protein 1 SPAC4G9.11c -
cmc1 mitochondrial inner membrane protein involved in cytochrome oxidase biogenesis Cmc1 (predicted) SPBC21D10.07 -
cmk1 calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase Cmk1 SPACUNK12.02c -
cmk2 MAPK-activated protein kinase Cmk2 SPAC23A1.06c -
cnd1 condensin complex non-SMC subunit Cnd1 SPBC776.13 -
cnd2 condensin complex non-SMC subunit Cnd2 SPCC306.03c -
cnd3 condensin complex non-SMC subunit Cnd3 SPCC188.03 -
cnl2 centromere localized protein Cnl2 SPAC23H4.11c -
cnp1 centromere-specific histone H3 CENP-A SPBC1105.17 -
cnp3 CENP-C SPBC1861.01c -
cns1 HSP chaperone complex subunit Cns1 (predicted) SPAC17A2.04c -
cnt5 Centaurin 5 SPBC17G9.08c -
cnt6 centaurin ADOP ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein family (predicted) SPAC26A3.10 -
cnx1 calnexin Cnx1 SPAC3C7.11c -
coa1 cytochrome oxidase complex assembly protein coa1 SPBC16E9.03c -
cob cytochrome b ScpofMp04 -
cog1 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog1 (predicted) SPAC144.15c -
cog2 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog2 (predicted) SPBC36.08c -
cog3 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog3 (predicted) SPBC1539.05 -
cog4 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog4 (predicted) SPCC338.13 -
cog5 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog5 (predicted) SPBC19G7.14c -
cog6 Golgi transport complex peripheral subunit Cog6 (predicted) SPBC776.10c -
cog8 Golgi transport complex subunit Cog8 (predicted) SPBC11B10.03 -
coq10 mitochondrial ubiquinone binding protein Coq10 SPCC16A11.07 -
coq3 hexaprenyldihydroxybenzoate methyltransferase Coq3 SPCC162.05 -
coq4 ubiquinone biosynthesis protein Coq4 (predicted) SPAC1687.12c -
coq5 C-methytransferase (predicted) SPCC4G3.04c -
coq6 monooxygenase Coq6 (predicted) SPBC146.12 -
coq7 ubiquinone biosynthesis protein Coq7 SPBC337.15c -
coq9 ubiquinone biosynthesis protein Coq9 (predicted) SPAC19G12.11 -
cox1 cytochrome c oxidase 1 ScpofMp01 -
cox10 protoheme IX farnesyltransferase (predicted) SPBC365.02c -
cox1101 rsm22-cox11 tandem protein cox1101 SPAC1420.04c -
cox12 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIb (predicted) SPCC1442.08c -
cox13 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIa (predicted) SPCC1739.09c -
cox17 cytochrome C oxidase copper chaperone Cox17 (predicted) SPBC26H8.14c -
cox18 mitochondrial inner membrane protein Cox18 SPCC1442.15c -
cox2 cytochrome c oxidase 2 ScpofMp10 -
cox24 mitochondrial mRNA processing protein Cox24 (predicted) SPAC1782.04 -
cox4 cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV (predicted) SPAC1296.02 -
cox5 cytochrome c oxidase subunit V (predicted) SPCC338.10c -
cox6 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VI (predicted) SPAC1B2.04 -
cox8 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIII (predicted) SPAC24C9.16c -
cox9 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIa (predicted) SPCC1259.05c -
cpc2 40S ribosomal protein cpc2/RACK1 SPAC6B12.15 -
cpd1 tRNA (m1A) methyltransferase complex catalytic subunit Cpd1 SPAC9G1.12 -
cph1 Clr6 histone deacetylase associated PHD protein-1 Cph1 SPAC16C9.05 -
cph2 Clr6 histone deacetylase associated PHD protein-2 Cph2 SPAC2F7.07c -
cpp1 protein farnesyltransferase beta subunit Cpp1 SPAC17G6.04c -
cps3 zinc finger protein Cps3 SPAC3A11.02 -
cpy1 vacuolar carboxypeptidase Y SPAC19G12.10c -
crb2 DNA repair protein SPBC342.05 -
crb3 WD repeat protein Crb3 SPAC13G7.08c -
crm1 importin family nuclear export receptor Crm1 SPAC1805.17 -
crn1 actin binding protein, coronin Crn1 SPAC23C4.02 -
crp79 poly(A) binding protein Crp79 SPAC1610.03c -
crs1 meiosis specific cyclin Crs1 SPBC2G2.09c -
csk1 cyclin-dependent kinase activating kinase Csk1 SPAC1D4.06c -
csl4 exosome subunit Csl4 (predicted) SPCC1840.11 -
csn1 COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn1 SPBC215.03c -
csn2 COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn2 SPAPB17E12.04c -
csn3 COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn3 (predicted) SPAC222.16c -
csn4 COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn4 SPAC22A12.03c -
csn5 COP9/signalosome complex subunit Csn5 SPAC1687.13c -
csn71 COP9/signalosome complex subunit 7a (predicted) SPAC1952.12c -
css1 inositol phosphosphingolipid phospholipase C, Css1 SPBC32F12.01c -
csx1 RNA-binding protein Csx1 SPAC17A2.09c -
cta3 P-type ATPase, calcium transporting Cta3 SPBC839.06 -
cta4 P-type ATPase, calcium transporting Cta4 SPACUNK4.07c -
cta5 Ca2+/Mn2+ transporting P-type ATPase P5 type Cta5 SPAC29A4.19c -
ctf1 mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor complex subunit Ctf1 SPBC3B9.11c -
ctf18 RFC-like complex subunit Ctf18 SPBC902.02c -
ctf8 DNA replication factor C complex subunit Ctf8 (predicted) SPAC19D5.11c -
cti1 Cut3 interacting protein Cti1, predicted exosome subunit SPCC1739.07 -
cti6 histone deacetylase complex subunit Cti6 SPBC1685.08 -
ctp1 CtIP-related endonuclease SPCC338.08 -
ctr4 copper transporter complex subunit Ctr4 SPCC1393.10 -
ctr5 copper transporter complex subunit Ctr5 SPAC1142.05 -
ctr6 vacuolar copper transporter Ctr6 SPBC23G7.16 -
cts1 CTP synthase Cts1 (predicted) SPAC10F6.03c -
ctt1 catalase SPCC757.07c -
ctu1 cytosolic thiouridylase subunit Ctu1 SPBC2G5.03 -
ctu2 cytosolic thiouridylase subunit Ctu2 SPBC19C2.13c -
cuf1 nutritional copper sensing transcription factor Cuf1 SPAC31A2.11c -
cuf2 Cu metalloregulatory transcription factor Cuf2 (predicted) SPCC584.02 -
cul1 cullin 1 SPAC17G6.12 -
cul3 cullin 3 SPAC24H6.03 -
cut1 separase/separin SPCC5E4.04 -
cut11 spindle pole body docking protein Cut11 SPAC1786.03 -
cut12 spindle pole body protein Cut12 SPBC649.05 -
cut14 condensin complex subunit Cut14 SPBP4H10.06c -
cut15 karyopherin Cut15 SPCC962.03c -
cut2 securin, sister chromatid separation inhibitor SPBC14C8.01c -
cut20 anaphase-promoting complex subunit Apc4 SPAC19G12.01c -
cut23 anaphase-promoting complex subunit Apc8 SPAC6F12.14 -
cut3 condensin complex subunit Cut3 SPBC146.03c -
cut4 anaphase-promoting complex subunit Apc1 SPBC106.09 -
cut6 acetyl-CoA/biotin carboxylase SPAC56E4.04c -
cut7 kinesin-like protein Cut7 SPAC25G10.07c -
cut8 tethering factor for nuclear proteasome Cut8 SPAC17C9.13c -
cut9 anaphase-promoting complex subunit Cut9 SPAC6F12.15c -
cwf10 GTPase Cwf10 (predicted) SPBC215.12 -
cwf11 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf11 SPBC646.02 -
cwf12 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf12 SPBC32F12.05c -
cwf14 G10 protein SPBC24C6.11 -
cwf15 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf15 SPBC337.06c -
cwf16 splicing factor (predicted) SPAC9.13c -
cwf18 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf18 SPCP1E11.07c -
cwf19 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf19 SPAC30D11.09 -
cwf2 RNA-binding protein Cwf2 SPAC3A12.11c -
cwf20 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf20 SPCC4B3.14 -
cwf21 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf21 SPAC4A8.09c -
cwf22 splicing factor Cwf22 SPBC13E7.01 -
cwf23 DNAJ domain protein Cwf23 SPCC10H11.02 -
cwf24 zf-C3HC4 type (RING finger)/GCN5-related N acetyltransferase fusion protein SPBC13E7.02 -
cwf25 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf25 SPBC146.05c -
cwf26 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf26 SPCC1620.10 -
cwf28 splicing factor Cwf28 SPBC3B9.02c -
cwf29 RNA-binding protein Cwf29 SPBC887.05c -
cwf3 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf3 SPBC211.02c -
cwf4 complexed with Cdc5 protein Cwf4 SPBC31F10.11c -
cwf5 RNA-binding protein Cwf5 SPCC550.02c -
cwf7 splicing factor Cwf7 SPBC28F2.04c -
cwg2 geranylgeranyltransferase I beta subunit Cwg2 SPAC2E1P5.04c -
cwp1 geranylgeranyltransferase I alpha subunit Cwp1 SPAPB1A10.04c -
cyc1 cytochrome c (predicted) SPCC191.07 -
cyk3 cytokinesis protein Cyk3 (predicted) SPAC9G1.06c -
cyp1 cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp1 SPAC57A10.03 -
cyp3 cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp3 SPBC1709.04c -
cyp4 cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp4 (predicted) SPBP8B7.25 -
cyp7 cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp7 (predicted) SPBC16H5.05c -
cyp8 cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp8 SPAC21E11.05c -
cyp9 WD repeat containing cyclophilin family peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Cyp9 (predicted) SPCC553.04 -
cyr1 adenylate cyclase SPBC19C7.03 -
cys11 cysteine synthase SPBC36.04 -
cys12 cysteine synthase Cys12 SPAC3A12.17c -
cys2 homoserine O-acetyltransferase (predicted) SPBC106.17c -
cyt1 cytochrome c1 Cyt1 (predicted) SPBC29A3.18 -



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