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KEGG Orthology K08057
Orthology Name CALR
Definition calreticulin
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KEGG orthology

Human CALR - calreticulin (CRT|HEL-S-99n|RO|SSA|cC1qR)
Mouse Calr - calreticulin (CRT|Calregulin)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB15152 CALR-mCherry-KDEL Expression vector of rat Calreticulin (CALR), mCherry-ER retention signal (KDEL) tag.
RDB17363 pMRX-bsr-ss-EGFP Retroviral expression vector of secretory form of EGFP.
RDB17364 pMRX-bsr-ss-EGFP-FM4 Retroviral expression vector of secretory form of EGFP fused with a conditional aggregation domain.
RDB17365 pMRX-bsr-ss-EGFP-FM4-TMD Retroviral expression vector enabling a synchronized trafficking assay.
RDB19002 pMRX-bsr-ss-sfGFP Retroviral expression vector of a model soluble secretory rotien that consists of a signal sequence (ss) and superfolder GFP.
RDB19428 ER-scFv-A36-expressing vector Expression vector of secreted ER-targeted mouse scFv-A36 that binds to C2A domain of SytI/II with T7- and 6xHis-tags.


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