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Catalog #Name of cloneRunning titlePublication
RDB01377ferrochelataseHuman heme synthesis enzyme cDNANakahashi, Y., Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA encoding human ferrochelatase. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 173, 748-755 (1990). PMID 2260980. (original). [link to RRC of NBRP]
RDB13504pET-His UNAGExpression clone of eel UnaG in E.coli.Takeda, T.A., Continuous de novo biosynthesis of haem and its rapid turnover to bilirubin are necessary for cytoprotection against cell damage. Sci. Rep. 5: 10488 (2015). PMID 25990790. (original). [link to RRC of NBRP]

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