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Genetically-encoded fluorescent calcium sensor cDNA, G-CaMP7.09.

Catalog number RDB14612
Resource name G-CaMP7.09
Clone info. Genetically-encoded fluorescent calcium sensor cDNA. It encodes a fusion protein of EGFP, calmodulin, and the M13 peptide from myosin light chain kinase. G-CaMP7.09 is an enhanced G-CaMP for expressing sufficient fluorescence in iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CMs).
Comment Expression was confirmed by the depositor with calcium imaging.
Vector backbone pEGFP-N1 (plasmid)
Size of vector backbone 4.7 kb
Selectable markers Kan^R (E. coli), Neo^r (mammalian cells).
Gene/insert name Rat Calm2 cDNA Chickin MLCK cDNA Aequorea victoria GFP cDNA
Depositor|Developer Nakai, Junichi | Ohkura, Masamichi |
Sequence (full) RDB14612hts01.seqcheck assembled from experimentally sequenced data
Test sheet RDB14612_A8Evp1-1.pdf 

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Terms and conditions for distribution In publishing research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the original publication designated by the DEPOSITOR (Shiba, Y. et al. Nature 538 (7625): 388-391, 2016) and an acknowledgment to the DEPOSITOR are requested. The DEPOSITOR may request the RECIPIENT to report on progress and/or results obtained through the use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, and the RECIPIENT shall respond truthfully to such a request by the DEPOSITOR. Any use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE for profit purposes by the RECIPIENT, such as any use by for-profit entities, any use for the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE by not-for-profit entities in researches funded in any part by or in collaboration with for-profit entities, or any use the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE by the not-for-profit entities for patent filing or licensing, requires a separate license from the DEPOSITOR, prior to distribution.
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提供条件 研究成果の公表にあたって寄託者の指定する文献(Shiba, Y. et al. Nature 538 (7625): 388-391, 2016)を引用し、謝辞の表明を必要とする。寄託者は、利用の状況及び成果等について利用者に報告を求めることができ、利用者は誠実に寄託者の求めに対して回答することとする。当該リソースの営利目的での利用(営利団体による利用、非営利団体が営利団体から直接・間接を問わず資金等を受けて実施する研究、非営利団体と営利団体との共同研究、非営利団体による特許取得・ライセンス契約等の行為等)の希望については、事前に寄託者との間で、別途使用許諾に係る契約の締結が必要である。
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RDB14612 G-CaMP7.09 DNA solution

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Materials & Methods section:

The G-CaMP7.09 was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan (cat. RDB14612).

Reference section:

Shiba, Y., Gomibuchi, T., Seto, T., Wada, Y., Ichimura, H., Tanaka, Y., Ogasawara, T., Okada, K., Shiba, N., Sakamoto, K., Ido, D., Shiina, T., Ohkura, M., Nakai, J., Uno, N., Kazuki, Y., Oshimura, M., Minami, I., Ikeda, U., Allogeneic transplantation of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes regenerates primate hearts. Nature 538 (7625): 388-391 (2016). PMID 27723741. [link to RRC of NBRP]

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Original, user report and related articles

original Shiba, Y., Allogeneic transplantation of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes regenerates primate hearts. Nature 538 (7625): 388-391 (2016). PMID 27723741. [link to RRC of NBRP]