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S. pombe expression vector with nmt1 promoter

Catalog number RDB06528
Resource name pDUAL-S
Clone info. S. pombe expression vector with nmt1 promoter
Comment Multicopy marker, ura4+; Integration marker, leu1+. Gateway incompatible.
Vector backbone pUC119 (Plasmid)
Selectable markers Amp^r
Depositor|Developer Yoshida, Minoru | Matsuyama, Akihisa |
Sequence (full) RDB06528hts01.seqcheck assembled from experimentally sequenced data
Test sheet RDB20194_B3Khp1-1.pdf 

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RDB06528 pDUAL-S DNA solution

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Materials & Methods section:

The pDUAL-S was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan (cat. RDB06528).

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