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Shuttle vector to generate rAd with CAG expression unit.

Catalog number RDB06016
Resource name pAdex CAG-SwaI-IRES-EGFP
Clone info. Shuttle vector to generate rAd. Inserted sequence is regulated under the control of CAG expression unit.
SwaI-IRES-EGFP fragment (1.3kbp) was cloned on SwaI site of pAdex1CAw. IRES: internal ribosomal entry site, EGFP: enhanced green fluorecense protein. Produce adenovirus by COS-TPC method.
Vector backbone pAxCAwt (Cosmid, use packaging extracts for transformation)
Selectable markers Amp^r
Gene/insert name Aequorea victoria GFP cDNA
Depositor Hashimoto, Mitsuhiro |

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RDB06016 pAdex CAG-SwaI-IRES-EGFP DNA solution

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This clone will be sequenced a portion and digested by restriction enzyme for examination.