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SEREX clone NGO-Pr-2 (ID 2283-4) #1

SEREX clone NGO-Pr-2 (ID 2283-4) #1

Catalog number RDB04929
Resource name SEREX clone NGO-Pr-2 (ID 2283-4) #1
Clone info. SEREX clone NGO-Pr-2 (ID 2283-4), clone from Prostate Cancer SCH-PR-1. Nucleoide position 683 and later of AY154473 is cloned. Partial cds.
Reactivity: +. Similar clone: NY-Lu-5 (ID 83)/HOM-Mel2-1.13 (ID 287, 288), similarity: NY-Lu-5 (ID 83) 99% similarity; HOM-Mel2-1.13 (ID 287, 288) 99% similarity. Corresponding gene: Cellular Senenscence Inhibited GeneProtein (CSIG) (AY154473, 1961 bp)/ PBK1 Protein (AJ007398, 1908 bp), Alu in 3'. UniGene cluster: UniGene Cluster (Hs.85963, Ubiquitous).
Vector backbone pBK-CMV (Plasmid)
Size of vector backbone 4.5 kb
Selectable markers Kan^r
Gene/insert name Human Cellular Senenscence Inhibited GeneProtein (CSIG) cDNA
Depositor Obata, Yuichi |
Other clones in our bank human RSL1D1 (NCBI Gene 26156) |

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RDB04929 SEREX clone NGO-Pr-2 (ID 2283-4) #1 DNA solution

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This clone will be sequenced a portion and digested by restriction enzyme for examination.