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NRCD Human cDNA Clone - RBdS007L18

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Catalog Number HKR403082
Clone Name RBdS007L18
Vector plasmidClick for information pGCAP10
Sequence, submitted(2) Not available.
Description Plasmid clone of human CAPZB cDNA with SV40 promoter
HP ID HP00465  finder other clones in this HP group.
Sequence, refered (NCBI RefSeq mRNA) NM_004930.2
Gene ID 832
Gene Symbol CAPZB  finder other clones with this gene.
Protein Name capping protein (actin filament) muscle Z-line, beta
KEGG link 01

  NCBI Gene

  NCBI RefSeq

Full length sequence and restriction map are not available.

This clone has been sequenced a portion and digested by restriction enzyme for verification. Results are available. please download the data . Click below!

Seq File
(by primer A)
Seq File
(by primer B)
Seq File
(by primer C)
Seq File
PDF File
RBdS007L18a.seq   RBdS007L18c.seq   RBdS007L18.pdf

(1) 5' terminal sequence of insert provided by the depositor.

(2) Actual nucleotide sequence of this clone submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ).


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