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KEGG Orthology K08492
Orthology Name STX18
Definition syntaxin 18


External dsatabase

in KEGG orthology

Human STX18 - syntaxin 18 (Ufe1)
Mouse Stx18 - syntaxin 18 (1810035L21Rik|4933425D03Rik)
S. pombe ufe1 - putative SNARE protein Ufe1 (-)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB03042 syntaxin18 cDNA clone of human syntaxin18
RDB08707 pKSE136 Plasmid clone for production of MBP-tagged UFE1 protein in E. coli
RDB08713 pKSE203 Plasmid clone for production of Strep- and CFP-tagged cytosolic domain of Sed5p protein in E. coli
RDB19792 pMRXIP-GFP-Stx18 Retroviral vector for stable expression of human Stx18 with N-terminal GFP.
RDB20046 pMRX-puro-EGFP-mSTX18 Retroviral expression vector of mouse Stx18 tagged with EGFP at N-terminus.



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