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KEGG Orthology K00016
Orthology Name LDH, ldh
Definition L-lactate dehydrogenase [EC:]
Databases KEGG ko:K00016

Human LDHAL6A - lactate dehydrogenase A like 6A (LDH6A)
Human LDHA - lactate dehydrogenase A (GSD11|HEL-S-133P|LDHM|PIG19)
Human LDHB - lactate dehydrogenase B (HEL-S-281|LDH-B|LDH-H|LDHBD|TRG-5)
Human LDHC - lactate dehydrogenase C (CT32|LDH3|LDHX)
Human LDHAL6B - lactate dehydrogenase A like 6B (LDH6B|LDHAL6|LDHL)
Mouse Ldha - lactate dehydrogenase A (Ldh1|Ldhm|l7R2)
Mouse Ldhb - lactate dehydrogenase B (AI790582|H-Ldh|LDH-B|LDH-H|Ldh-2|Ldh2)
S. pombe SPAC186.08c - L-lactate dehydrogenase (predicted) (-)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB01855 Bifidobacterium longum L-lactate dehydrogenase B. longum LDH cDNA


Thermus thermophilus Gene Expression Plasmid

Catalog number Clone name Description Note
THR005354 TEx13G10 Bacterial expression plasmid clone of Thermus thermophilus HB8 TTHA1113


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