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Thermus thermophilus Plasmid List

Species Thermus thermophilus
Locus tag TTHY7030
Product 10 kD chaperonin GroES , Cpn10
Whole Cell Project(1,2) TTHY7030
KEGG(3) TTHY7030

Please visit Data Sheet of plasmidExpression Plasmid and plasmidDisruption Plasmid for the inforation of vectors and sequence primers.
(1) Primer sequences (for constructing this clone) provided from the depositor is indicated.
(2) The Database of the Whole-Cell Project of a Model Organism, Thermus thermophilus HB8, RIKEN Harima Institute.
(3) The Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes of the Kanehisa Laboratories in the Bioinformatics Center of Kyoto University and the Human Genome Center of the University of Tokyo.

Expression Plasmid

Item NumberPlasmid IDVector
Available from Riken BioResource Center.

Disruption Plasmid

Item NumberAntibiotics for amplification
in E. coli
Antibiotics for disruption
of T. thermophilus gene
not available