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Catalog #Name of cloneRunning titlePublication
RDB01365pUC alpha (4-1) alphoid DNAHuman pUCalpha341 genomic DNAMasumoto, H., A human centromere antigen (CENP-B) interacts with a short specific sequence in alphoid DNA, a human centromeric satellite. J. Cell Biol., 109, 1963-1973 (1989). PMID 2808515. (original).
RDB01366pUCCBS-BHuman CENP-B genomic DNAYoda, K., A human centromere protein, CENP-B, has a DNA binding domain containing four potential alpha helices at the NH2 terminus, which is separable from dimerizing activity. J. Cell Biol., 119, 1413-1427 (1992). PMID 1469042. (original).

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