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Catalog #Name of cloneRunning titlePublication
RDB01340lambda HTS-1Human thymidylate synthetase genomic DNATakeishi, K., Molecular cloning of genomic DNA segments partially coding for human thymidylate synthase from the mouse cell transformant. J. Biochem., 95, 1477-1483 (1984). PMID 6086602. (original).
RDB01341lambda HTS-3Human thymidylate synthetase genomic DNATakeishi, K., Human thymidylate synthase gene: isolation of phage clones which cover a functionally active gene and structural analysis of the region upstream from the translation initiation codon. J. Biochem., 106, 575-583 (1989). PMID 2532645. (original).
RDB01342pcHTS-1Human thymidylate synthetase cDNAAyusawa, D., Isolation of functional cDNA clones for human thymidylate synthase. J. Biol. Chem., 259, 14361-14364 (1984). PMID 6094554. (original).

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