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Catalog #Name of cloneRunning titlePublication
RDB01203CDC25Hu2Human cdc 25B cDNANagata, A., An additional homolog of the fission yeast cdc25+ gene occurs in humans and is highly expressed in some cancer cells. The New Biologist, 3, 959-968 (1991). PMID 1662986. (original).
RDB01204WEE1HuHuman wee1+ -like kinase cDNAIgarashi, M., Wee1(+)-like gene in human cells. Nature, 353, 80-83 (1991). PMID 1840647. (original).
RDB01609rep2^+Yeast rep2 gene, Zinc finger motif, cDNANakashima, N., Fission yeast Rep2 is a putative transcriptional activator subunit for the cell cycle 'start' function of Res2-Cdc10. EMBO J., 14, 4794-4802 (1995). PMID 7588609. (original). [link to RRC of NBRP]

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