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08/C03 - S. pombe Postgenome Database Clone

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Clone ID at the S. pombe Postgenome Database 08/C03
NCBI Gene ID 2541261
Gene Symbol SPBC947.07
Protein Name ribosome biogenesis protein Rrp14-C
RefSeq Protein NP_595269.1
PomBase(1) link 01
KEGG(2) link 01
Depositor-supplied data(3) link 01

Gene Engineering Division has digested by restriction enzymes and sequenced a portion of the resource for verification. The result is shown below if available.

Entry vector

Catalog number SPW003251
Clone name SpENT08C03
Clone status confirmation required

FFH Vector(5)

Catalog number SPW043251
Clone name SpFFH08C03
Clone status confirmation required

YFH Vector(6)

Catalog number SPW083251
Clone name SpYFH08C03
Clone status confirmation required
user report - reference Jakociunas, T., Subnuclear relocalization and silencing of a chromosomal region by an ectopic ribosomal DNA repeat. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 110 (47): E4465-4473 (2013). PMID 24191010.

Please note that they are GENOMIC clones.
Please visit plasmidData Sheet for the information of vectors and sequence primers.

(1) The PomBase, funded by the Wellcome Trust and is run by a consortium comprising the University of Cambridge, the European Bioinformatics Institute and University College London.

(2) The Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes of the Kanehisa Laboratories in the Bioinformatics Center of Kyoto University and the Human Genome Center of the University of Tokyo.

(3) Primer sequences for constructing an entry clone and known sequence variation are available at this site, the S. pombe Postgenome Database of the Chemical Geneitcs Laboratory, RIKEN.

(5) FLAG2-His6-tag clone.

(6) YFP-FLAG-His6-tag clone.

(7) Reference of clones: Matsuyama, A., Nature Biotech., 24, 841-847 (2006).


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