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RIKEN DNA Bank Human Resource - FBXO25

Gene ID NCBI Gene 26260 |  KEGG hsa:26260
Gene Symbol FBXO25
Protein Name F-box protein 25
Synonyms FBX25
Ortholog resources KEGG ortholog (KEGG orthology K10305) in the DNA Bank

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Genome Network Project (GNP) Human cDNA Clone

Plasmid request [in Japanese] [in English]

Catalog number Clone name Vector Sequence CDS status(2)
Submitted (DDBJ)(1) Refered (NCBI mRNA)
HGX025759 IRAK064G15 pCMV-SPORT6 BC035555 NM_012173 Partial
HGX039383 IRAK098H15 pCMV-SPORT6 BC050393 NM_183421 Full/var
HGY091950 IRAL029O14 pOTB7 BC012143 NM_012173 Full
HGY096185 IRAL040H17 pOTB7 BC020249 NM_012173 Full

(1) Actual nucleotide sequence of this clone submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)/EMBL/Genbank.
(2) CDS status was determined by comparing the clone sequence with NCBI RefSeq mRNA.
♦ Full, whole CDS.
♦ Full/var, whole CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.
♦ Partial, partial CDS
♦ Partial/var, partial CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.



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