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RIKEN DNA Bank Human Resource - GGA3

Gene ID NCBI Gene 23163 |  KEGG hsa:23163
Gene Symbol GGA3
Protein Name golgi associated, gamma adaptin ear containing, ARF binding protein 3
Synonyms -
Featured content Lysosome (human)
Ortholog resource in our bank


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Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB15367 pGEX-4T-2/hGGA3(GAT) Bacterial Expression vector of human GGA3, the GGA homology domain.

Genome Network Project (GNP) Human cDNA Clone

Plasmid request [in Japanese] [in English]

Catalog number Clone name Vector Sequence submitted (DDBJ)(1) CDS comparison
Refered (NCBI mRNA) CDS status(2)
HGY053483 IRAK133L19 pBluescript BC063285 NM_138619 Full/var
HGY066887 IRAK167D15 pBluescriptR BC070044 NM_014001 Full/var

(1) Actual nucleotide sequence of this clone submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)/EMBL/Genbank.
(2) CDS status was determined by comparing the clone sequence with NCBI RefSeq mRNA.
♦ Full, whole CDS.
♦ Full/var, whole CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.
♦ Partial, partial CDS
♦ Partial/var, partial CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.


NRCD Human cDNA Clone

Plasmid request [in Japanese] [in English]

Catalog number Clone name Vector CDS comparison Status
Refered mRNA(1) CDS status
5'-terminal sequence(2)
HKR326002 RBb15A02 pKA1U5 NM_138619.1  

♦ Full length sequence is not available. The clone could differ from the NCBI mRNA reference sequence.
♦ These clones have very long transcript since they were constructed by the method "Vector Capping."
(1) Refference sequence either NCBI mRNA or DDBJ DNA identified by the 5' terminal sequence.
(2) 5' terminal sequence of the insert provided from the depositor.



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