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RIKEN DNA Bank Human Resource - BLK

Gene ID NCBI Gene 640 |  KEGG hsa:640
Gene Symbol BLK
Protein Name BLK proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase
Synonyms MODY11
Ortholog resources KEGG ortholog (KEGG orthology K08890) in the DNA Bank
Featured content Kinases Included in Myristoylated Kinase Library (human) in Boehm JS Cell 129 (6):1065-1079 (2007). PMID: 17574021.

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Genome Network Project (GNP) Human cDNA Clone

Plasmid request [in Japanese] [in English]

Catalog number Clone name Vector Sequence CDS status(2)
Submitted (DDBJ)(1) Refered (NCBI mRNA)
HGX025877 IRAK064L13 pCMV-SPORT6 BC032413 NM_001715 Full
HGY085792 IRAL014H24 pOTB7 BC004473 NM_001715 Partial/var
HGY089925 IRAL024N13 pOTB7 BC007371 NM_001715 Full
HGY097260 IRAL043C12 pOTB7 BC038555 NM_001715 Partial/var

(1) Actual nucleotide sequence of this clone submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)/EMBL/Genbank.
(2) CDS status was determined by comparing the clone sequence with NCBI RefSeq mRNA.
♦ Full, whole CDS.
♦ Full/var, whole CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.
♦ Partial, partial CDS
♦ Partial/var, partial CDS though with ins/dels or substitution.



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