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Shuttlevector to generate recombinant Lentiviral vector expressing Venus GFP

Catalog number RDB05965
Resource name CS-CA-Venus
Clone info. Shuttlevector to generate recombinant Lentiviral vector expressing Venus GFP.
Commonly requested with pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) and pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394).
Vector backbone Plasmid
Selectable markers Amp^r
Gene/insert name Aequorea victoria GFP cDNA
Originator Miyoshi, Hiroyuki |

Distribution information

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Terms and conditions for distribution The availability of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE is limited to a RECIPIENT of a not-for profit institution for a not-for-profit academic purpose.
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Remarks ((Remarks)) Remember that you will be working with samples containing infectious virus.
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Sequence information

RIKEN BRC has sequenced portions of this material for quality test. Primers and the results are shown below.

Data are summerized on test sheet below.

Test sheet RDB05965_A2Kd.pdf

Nucleotide sequence of a portion of this resource (if available).

Primer: RDB05965_A2Kda.seq
Primer: RDB05965_A2Kdb.seq
Primer: RDB05965_A2Kdc.seq
Primer: RDB05965_A2Kdd.seq

Please visit plasmidSequencing and PCR primers for primer information.

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Electronic file


user report Nakajima, R., A noncoding RNA containing a SINE-B1 motif associates with meiotic metaphase chromatin and has an indispensable function during spermatogenesis. PLoS One 12 (6): e0179585 (2017). PMID 28658256.