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Lentivirus vector construct of GFP driven by CAG promoter.

Catalog number RDB05964
Resource name CS-CA-GFP
Clone info. Lentivirus vector construct of GFP driven by CAG promoter.
Commonly requested with pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) and pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394). Please note that Zeo resistance marker is not included in the lentivirus produced from this vector.
Vector backbone Plasmid
Selectable markers Amp^r (E. coli); Zeo^r (plasmid transfection of mammalian cells).
Gene/insert name Aequorea victoria GFP cDNA
Originator Miyoshi, Hiroyuki |
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Terms and conditions for distribution The availability of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE is limited to a RECIPIENT of a not-for profit institution for a not-for-profit academic purpose. The RECIPIENT agrees to expressly describe Dr. Hiroyuki Miyoshi (The Developer, the current address: Keio University) as the Developer. Dr. Miyoshi may request the RECIPIENT to report on progress and/or results obtained through the use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE.
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RDB05964 CS-CA-GFP DNA solution

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Electronic file

Electronic file Sequence RDB05964z.seq from Depositor
Electronic file PDF RDB05964.pdf from Depositor

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Sequence information

RIKEN BRC has sequenced portions of this material for quality test. Primers and the results are shown below.

Data are summerized on test sheet below.

Test sheet RDB08230_A3Fl.pdf

Nucleotide sequence of a portion of this resource (if available).

Primer: RDB08230_A3Fla.seq
Primer: RDB08230_A3Flb.seq
Primer: RDB08230_A3Flc.seq

Please visit Sequencing and PCR primers for primer information.



user report Kishimoto, W., Expression of Tim-1 in primary CNS lymphoma. Cancer Med. 5 (11): 3235-3245 (2017). PMID 27709813.
user report Fujita, K., Effects of a brain-engraftable microglial cell line expressing anti-prion scFv antibodies on survival times of mice infected with scrapie prions. Cell. Mol. Neurobiol. 31 (7): 999-1008 (2011). PMID 21516351.