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Expression vector of VSV G protein

Catalog number RDB04392
Resource name pCMV-VSV-G
Clone info. Expression vector of VSV G protein, envelope protein for producing lentiviral particles. Use in conjunction with packaging vectors.
Vector backbone Plasmid
Selectable markers Amp^r
Gene/insert name VSV G protein
Depositor|Developer Miyoshi, Hiroyuki |
Sequence (full) RDB04392hts01.seqcheck assembled from experimentally sequenced data
Remarks, protocol and/or map (pdf) RDB04392.pdf
Test sheet RDB13313_A8Hfp1-3.pdf 

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Remarks Currently unavailable outside Japan. Remember that you will be working with samples containing infectious virus.
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備考 このリソースはウイルス粒子産生用のため、取扱いに注意が必要です。

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RDB04392 pCMV-VSV-G DNA solution

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Materials & Methods section:

The pCMV-VSV-G was provided by the RIKEN BRC through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan (cat. RDB04392).

Reference section:

Further references such as user reports and related articles (go to bottom)


Original, user report and related articles

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