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Recombinant adenovirus expressing beta-galactosidase

Catalog number RDB01749
Resource name AxCANLacZ
Clone info. Recombinant adenovirus expressing beta-galactosidase tagged with a nuclear localization signal under the control of CAG promoter.
Present lot is RDB03211.
Vector backbone pAxcw (Adenovirus)
Size of vector backbone -
Growth remarks 5 percent FCS is fine.
Gene/insert name E. coli lacZ (beta-D-galactosidase) Genomic DNA
Depositor Saito, Izumu |
Other clones in our bank E. coli lacZ (KEGG orthology K01190) |

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Please check terms and conditions set forth by the depositor, which are specified in the RIKEN BRC Catalog and/or Web Catalog.
Terms and conditions set forth by the DEPOSITOR In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of literature designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested (Kanegae, Y., Nucleic Acids Res., 23, 3816-3821(1995)).
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RDB01749 AxCANLacZ Under QC test. Please contact us. Please contact us.

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Original reference

original Kanegae, Y., Efficient gene activation in mammalian cells by using recombinant adenovirus expressing site-specific Cre recombinase. Nucleic Acids Res., 23, 3816-3821 (1995). PMID 7479022.

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Original, user report and related articles

original Kanegae, Y., Efficient gene activation in mammalian cells by using recombinant adenovirus expressing site-specific Cre recombinase. Nucleic Acids Res., 23, 3816-3821 (1995). PMID 7479022.
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