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GED Orthology M00001
Orthology Name FLP
Definition flippase (FLP) recombinase


External dsatabase

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB07083 pxCAhFLPe Expression vector of site-specific recombinase, FLP
RDB08123 AxEFhFLPe Recombinant adenovirus expressing humanized FLPe
RDB08124 pAxEFhFLPeit2 Shuttle vector to generate recombinant adenovirus expressing humanized FLPe
RDB16011 pT7-3xFLAG-NLS-Flpe-polyA plasmid FLAG-NLS-Flpe-myc expressing plasmid.
RDB19603 pCAG-Flpo Expression vector of S. cerevisiae Flippase.



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