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KEGG Orthology K17906
Orthology Name ATG2
Definition autophagy-related protein 2

KEGG orthology

Human ATG2A - autophagy related 2A (-)
Human ATG2B - autophagy related 2B (C14orf103)
Mouse Atg2a - autophagy related 2A (1810013C15Rik|A830054M12|BC023754|mKIAA0404)
Mouse Atg2b - autophagy related 2B (2410024A21Rik|AI047755|AI503411|AW558123|C030004M05Rik|C630028L02Rik|mKIAA4067)
S. pombe atg2 - autophagy-associated protein Atg2 (SPBC660.18c|mug36)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB19631 pEGFP-C1-hATG2A Transient expression vector of human ATG2A with N-terminal EGFP.
RDB19782 pMRXIP-GFP-hATG2A Retroviral vector for stable expression of human ATG2A with N-terminal GFP.


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