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KEGG Orthology K09837
Orthology Name LUT1, CYP97C1
Definition carotenoid epsilon hydroxylase [EC:]

KEGG orthology

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB19521 pRSFDuet-MpBHY/MpCYP97C MpBHY- and MpCYP97C-expression plasmid for production of lutein (and zeaxanthin) when coexpressed with a plasmid to biosynthesize α-carotene (and β-carotene) in E. coli.
RDB19522 CDF-MpCYP97C-MpLCYe MpCYP97C- and MpLCYe-expression plasmid for production of lutein when coexpreessd with a plasmid to biosynthsize zeinoxanthin in E. coli.


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