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KEGG Orthology K08560
Orthology Name NR5A1, SF1
Definition steroidogenic factor 1

KEGG orthology

Human NR5A1 - nuclear receptor subfamily 5 group A member 1 (AD4BP|ELP|FTZ1|FTZF1|POF7|SF-1|SF1|SPGF8|SRXX4|SRXY3|hSF-1)
Mouse Nr5a1 - nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A, member 1 (Ad4BP|ELP|ELP-3|Ftz-F1|Ftzf1|SF-1|SF1|STF-1)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB01296 pUC-ELP-1 pZF4-5 (Zinc finger) cDNA
RDB01312 Ad4BP Bovine Ad4-binding protein cDNA
RDB01755 pCMX-ELP Mouse ELP1 cDNA
RDB01756 pCMX-ELP2 Mouse ELP2 cDNA
RDB01757 pCMX-ELP3 Mouse ELP3 cDNA
RDB01976 pSVL-OR2.1 Chicken SF-1 Ad4BP
RDB02516 pAxCAmELP (forward) Shuttle vector to produce rAd expressing mouse ELP
RDB02517 pAxCAmELP (reverse) Shuttle vector to generate rAd harboring mouse ELP
RDB02761 AxCAmELP (forward) Recombinant adenovirus harboring mouse embryonal LTR-binding protein (ELP) cDNA
RDB06299 pCMFlag_hsNR5A1 Expression vector of human AD4BP.


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