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KEGG Orthology K08486
Orthology Name STX1B_2_3
Definition syntaxin 1B/2/3

KEGG orthology

Human STX1B - syntaxin 1B (GEFSP9|STX1B1|STX1B2)
Human STX2 - syntaxin 2 (EPIM|EPM|STX2A|STX2B|STX2C)
Human STX3 - syntaxin 3 (STX3A)
Mouse Stx2 - syntaxin 2 (AW538950|Epim|G1-536-1|Syn-2|repro34)
Mouse Stx3 - syntaxin 3 (Syn-3)
Mouse Stx1b - syntaxin 1B (Stx1b2|Stx1bl|Syn1b)
S. pombe psy1 - SNARE Psy1 (sso1)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB15167 pEF-FLAG-mouse syntaxin-2 Expression vector of mouse syntaxin-2 [Stx2 in NCBI].
RDB15168 pEF-FLAG-mouse syntaxin-3 Expression vector of mouse syntaxin-3 [Stx3 in NCBI].


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