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KEGG Orthology K06484
Orthology Name CD49e, ITGA5
Definition integrin, alpha 5 [HSA:3678]
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KEGG orthology

Human ITGA5 - integrin subunit alpha 5 (CD49e|FNRA|VLA-5|VLA5A)
Mouse Itga5 - integrin alpha 5 (fibronectin receptor alpha) (Cd49e|Fnra|VLA5)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB07658 pcDNA3.1(+)cs-h Integrin alpha5 Expression vector of human integrin alpha5.
RDB19123 MMTD03185 Plasmid clone of common marmoset ITGA5 for in situ hybridization probe.


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