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KEGG Orthology K03164
Orthology Name TOP2
Definition DNA topoisomerase II [EC:]

KEGG orthology

Human TOP2A - DNA topoisomerase II alpha (TOP2|TP2A)
Human TOP2B - DNA topoisomerase II beta (TOPIIB|top2beta)
Mouse Top2a - topoisomerase (DNA) II alpha (Top-2)
Mouse Top2b - topoisomerase (DNA) II beta (D230016L12Rik|Top-2)

Individualy Deposited Resource

Catalog number Name of Resource Description
RDB15800 pmirGLO-TOP2A-3'-UTR Reporter plasmid of human TOP2A-3'-UTR region for quantitatively evaluate miRNA activity.
RDB15801 pcDNA-DEST47-TOP2A Gateway(R) expression vector of human TOP2A.



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