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Genomic DNA of Pyrococcus furiosus

Catalog Number: JGD07704
Strain: Pyrococcus furiosus ( JCM 8422T)
Terms and conditions for distribution: The RECIPIENT agrees to expressly describe the acknowledgement of the RIKEN BRC as the source of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE in any publication.
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Present DNA Lot #:14017_A8Eg
Shipping size:Approx. 185 ng/ul, 20 ul/vial

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user report - reference Imai, H., Functional role of the C-terminal tail of the archaeal ribosomal stalk in recruitment of two elongation factors to the sarcin/ricin loop of 23S rRNA. Genes Cells 20 (7): 613-624 (2015). PMID 26033302.
user report - reference Tanaka, Y., Structural basis for the drug extrusion mechanism by a MATE multidrug transporter. Nature, 496 (7444): 247-251 (2013). PMID 23535598.
user report - reference Kumoi, K., An archaeal homolog of proteasome assembly factor functions as a proteasome activator. PLoS One, 8 (3): e60294 (2013). PMID 23555947.
user report - reference Hipolito, C.J., A macrocyclic peptide that serves as a cocrystallization ligand and inhibits the function of a MATE family transporter. Molecules, 18 (9): 10514-10530 (2013). PMID 23999725.


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