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Genomic DNA of Hathewaya histolytica

The authenticity of microbial genomic DNAs for the distribution are confirmed by PCR amplification of 16S rRNA gene and nucleotide sequencing of the amplified products. However, these tests do not exclude contamination of any other species. Please be aware that the genomic DNA send from us may not necessarily fit for your specific research purpose.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Catalog Number: JGD08942
Strain: Hathewaya histolytica ( JCM 1403T)
Terms and conditions for distribution: The RECIPIENT agrees to expressly describe the acknowledgement of the RIKEN BRC as the source of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE in any publication.
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Present DNA Lot #:15767_A8Am
Shipping size:Approx. 135 ng/ul, 20 ul/vial

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user report - reference Watanabe-Nakayama, T., High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals strongly polarized movement of clostridial collagenase along collagen fibrils. Sci. Rep. 6: 28975 (2016). PMID 27373458.


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