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W01A055H02 - GNP Human cDNA Entry Clone

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Catalog Number HGE022170
Clone Name W01A055H02
Clone info. Plasmid clone of human ZAK cDNA - Entry clone
Vector pENTR-TOPO Click for information
Origin(1) flj0003a05
Accession ID of Origin(1) AK056310 [link]
Sequence, refered (NCBI RefSeq mRNA) NM_133646
Gene Symbol MAP3K20 (NCBI Gene 51776)  other clone of MAP3K20 in our bank
Synonyms AZK|MLK7|MLT|MLTK|MLTKalpha|MLTKbeta|MRK|SFMMP|ZAK|mlklak|pk
Protein Name mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 20
KEGG hsa:51776

  NCBI Gene

  NCBI RefSeq

(1) GNP Gateway® entry clone was constructed from the open reading frame (ORF) amplified by PCR. ORF information might be updated by now and thus actual insert could differ from the latest version.

Please note that
   1. this clone may have a stop codon,
   2. ORF information is same as the original clone used for PCR template,
   3. clone may contain mismatches compared to the sequence of original clone because of PCR error,
   4. Depositor has not confirmed the insert by sequencing analysis.
   5. the information was bioinformatically annotated and that this information may not reflect the most recent annotation of the reference sequence. You should carefully check the insert sequence provided by us to make sure that it matches the sequence you expect.

Please visit a web site of the Life Technologies for datail of the Gateway® Technology:

Distribution information

Catalog # Clone name Shipping form Fee (non-profit org.)
HGE022170 W01A055H02 DNA solution

Sequence information

Full length sequence and restriction map are not available.

Gene Engineering Division will sequence a portion of this resource and digest with restriction emzyme for verification before shipping.

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