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IRAL009L22 - GNP Human cDNA Clone

Catalog number HGY083886
Clone name IRAL009L22
Clone info. Plasmid clone of human SLC43A3 cDNA (source: Kidney, renal cell adenocarcinoma)
Vector pOTB7
Sequence, submitted(1) BC003163 [link]
CDS status(2) Complete CDS as NM_199329.
Gene symbol and ID SLC43A3 (NCBI Gene 29015)  other clone of SLC43A3 in our bank
Synonyms EEG1|ENBT1|FOAP-13|PRO1659|SEEEG-1
Protein name solute carrier family 43 member 3


  NCBI Gene

  NCBI RefSeq

(1) Actual nucleotide sequence of this clone submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ).
(2) CDS status was determined by comparing the clone's sequence with NCBI RefSeq mRNA.

Please note that the information was bioinformatically annotated and that this information may not reflect the most recent annotation of the reference sequence. You should carefully check the insert sequence deposited to the DDBJ/EMBL/Genbank and/or provided by us to make sure that it matches the sequence you expect.

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Materials & Methods section:

We thank the Research Association for Biotechnology, Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki of RIKEN and Dr. Sumio Sugano of the University of Tokyo for providing the IRAL009L22 (cat. HGY083886) through the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan.

Sequence information

Restriction map is not available.

This clone has been sequenced a portion and digested by restriction enzyme for verification. Results are available as below!

Seq file
(Insert 5')
Seq file
(Insert 3')
Seq file
(Upstream of poly(A))
PDF file
IRAL009L22a.seq IRAL009L22b.seq   IRAL009L22.pdf

Please visit Data Sheet for the information of vectors and sequence primers.

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