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Shuttle vectors for recombinant retrovirus in the RIKEN DNA Bank

Living modified organisms
Laboratory use only.
Not intended for intentional introduction into the environment.

Gene Name of Clone Short Title RDB No.
Human CD25/IL2RApRx hCD25 (T7/SP6)Human CD25 cDNA, retrovirus vector1691
Human CD25/IL2RApRx hCD25iNRx; hCD25; IRES; Neo, Human CD25 cDNA1700
Human CD80 (B7-1)pMFGhB7-1 (CD80)Shuttle vector to generate recombinant retrovirus expressing human CD80 cDNA2977
Human GM-CSFpMFGhGM-CSFShuttle vector to generate recombinant retrovirus expressing human GM-CSF2974
Human IL-2pMFGhIL2Shuttle vector to generate recombinant retrovirus expressing human IL-22975
Human M-CSFpMFGhMCSFRecombinant retrovirus vector .Human M-CSF cDNA expression1453
Human MIFpMFGhMIFRecombinant retrovirus vector .Human MIF cDNA expression1455
Human MSH receptorpRxhMSHRHuman MSH receptor2103
Human Oncostatin MpMFGh Oncostatin MRecombinant retrovirus vector. Human oncostatin M cDNA expression1458
Human TNF-alphapMFGhTNF alphaRecombinant retrovirus vector, human TNF-alpha cDNA expression1450
Mouse bFGFpMFGmbFGFRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse basic FGF cDNA expression1461
Mouse c-srcpMFG mts-c-srcRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse c-src ts mutant cDNA expression1464
Mouse CD80 (B7)pMFGmB7Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse B7=CD80 cDNA expression1459
Mouse CD86 (B7-2)pMFGmB7-2Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse B7-2=CD86 cDNA expression1460
Mouse G-CSFpMFGmG-CSFRecombinant retrovirus vector .Mouse G-CSF cDNA expression1452
Mouse GM-CSFpMFGmGM-CSFRecombinant retrovirus vector, mouse GM-CSF cDNA expression1438
Mouse IFN-gammapMFGmIFN gammaRecombinant retrovirus vector, mouse IFN-gamma cDNA expression1454
Mouse IL-1 alphapMFGmsIL1 alphaRecombinant retrovirus vector. sIL-1alpha=secreted form of IL-1alpha. Mouse IL-1alpha cDNA expression1439
Mouse IL-1 receptor antagonistpMFGmIL1RARecombinant retrovirus vector, Mouse IL-1 receptor antagonist cDNA expression1440
Mouse IL-10pMFGmIL10Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse IL-10 cDNA expression1446
Mouse IL-12 p35pMFGmIL12p35Recombinant retrovirus vector .Mouse IL-12 p35 cDNA expression1448
Mouse IL-12 p40pMFGmIL12p40Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse IL-12 p40 cDNA expression1447
Mouse IL-2pMFGmIL2Recombinant retrovirus vector, mouse IL-2 cDNA expression1441
Mouse IL-3pMFGmIL3Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse IL-3 cDNA expression1442
Mouse IL-4pMFGmIL4Recombinant retrovirus vector, mouse IL-4 cDNA expression1443
Mouse IL-6pMFGmIL6Recombinant retrovirus vector, mouse IL-6 cDNA expression1444
Mouse IL-7pMFGmIL7Recombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse IL-7 cDNA expression
Mouse Kit ligand (stem cell factor)pMFGmKit ligandRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse pMFGm SCF cDNA expression1457
Mouse Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)pMFGmLIFRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse LIF cDNA expression1456
Mouse lymphotoxin A (LT, TNF-beta)pMFGmLTRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse lymphotoxin cDNA expression1451
Mouse TNF-alphapMFGmTNF alphaRecombinant retrovirus vector. Mouse TNF-alpha cDNA expression1449
Rabbit IL-1 receptor antagonistpMFG rabbit IL1RARecombinant retrovirus vector. Rabbit IL-1 receptor antagonist cDNA expression1468
Rat GM-CSFpMFG rat GM-CSFRecombinant retrovirus vector. Rat GM-CSF cDNA expression1463
Rat insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1)pMFG rat IGF1Recombinant retrovirus vector. Rat IGF1 cDNA expression1462
E. coli lacZ (beta-galactosidase)pMFGlacZShuttle vector to generate recombinant retrovirus cexpressing E. coli lacZ2976
E. coli neopMFG neoRecombinant retrovirus vector. G418 resistanse neor cDNA expression1467
HSV thymidine kinasepMFG HSVtkRecombinant retrovirus vector. HSV tk gene cDNA expression1465
SV40 temperature sensitive largeT (tsT)pMFG SV40tsTRecombinant retrovirus vector. SV40tsT cDNA expression1466